HOLD UP (Contemplative Animated Fabrics Exloration)


Hold-up is a series of contemplative animated fabrics exploration, expressing nature within its vibrant & natural colors, inspired by Tim Flach bird’s photographs.

We created a bespoke original music composition blended with organic and hyper textured sound design to achieve an elegant, meditative and  smooth soundtrack.

Director and Motion Designer: Andréa Philippon

SAKURA craft_lab005 promotion video

Client: Sakura
Agency: CIA Inc.
Creative director: Naruyoshi Ejima
Direction/Design/Animation: Marina Nakagawa
Sound design and Original Custom Music: Giorgio Riolo (SAVETHESOUND)



Director Slava Melnyk
DOP Oleg Bondarenko
Executive Producer Kostya Khytry
Stylist Lera Melnyk
Editor / Color Kostya Semerei
Audio Postproduction: SAVE THE SOUND (www.savethesound.agency)

VALMORA (Tennis Sponsorship Campaign)

3D and CGI: DigitalProducers
Executive Producer: Andrea Mango
Video editor: Antonio Nardella
Sound Design: SAVE THE SOUND

Apple iPhone (CGI R&D Commercial Tribute)

CGI R&D tribute commercial.
Directed and animated by Stefano Musella
We made original music scoring and futuristic sound design to match the industrial abstract landscape of the film.


Directed and animated by London-based MARINA NAKAGAWA, this is her personal project for social media and ONEBUMCINEMACLUB.

Custom sound design and original music by SAVETHESOUND

VALENTINE DAY (Social Media Animation)

Directed and animated by GRIND STUDIO guys in Milan, this is a social media animation for Valentine Day whishes based on a 2D illustration by Brazilian artist Fernando Volken Togni, featured on StashMedia magazine.

Custom sound design and original music by SAVETHESOUND


Music and Sound Design for this cool cgi R&D from Timo Boëse



BILOU Sweet Hands (Instagram Campaign)

Lush and fancy music&sounds for Bilou social media campaign

Art Direction by Timo Boëse



Realistic sound effects to recreate RedBull Creation Days atmosphere.

Red Bull Creation is a 72-hour innovation competition that gathers Makers, Hackers, and Inventors to create something new around a secret topic. Each year presents a new unique challenge and theme. In 2018, Red Bull Creation lands in Bay Area, San Francisco with the goal of creating new connections and collaborations.

Client: Red Bull

Creative / Art Direction, 3D Design, Modeling, Animation: Miki Nemcek | Obsēdant

Project Management: Lenka Mucha | Obsēdant

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