SAVETHESOUND is a one-stop boutique sound agency which provides sound design and music for commercials, broadcast, films, games, shows and art.

We follow a boutique and craft approach to deliver worldwide a bespoke sound design and music for your projects, working most of time with our original sound effect recordings and making original music following the picture needs.

We take care about all sound needs of your project working with a small roster of selected talents to ensure a premium and modern sonic quality.

Whatever is your project destination (branded, narrative, art) we research the best sound alchemy to tell your story, build a strong brand identity or engage the audience.

“Save the sound” is also the personal motto of the company founder:

Giorgio Riolo, Italy-based independent sound designer with more than 10 years in the audio postproduction and music industry.

In a world based on videocracy, he trusts in the power of sound as the 50% of the overall experience, following his enthusiasm and “save the sound” motto he works daily to search new ways to experiment creatively with sound and its synestesis with picture.